2014 Retirees: Ben Rutten
Taken with pick #40 in the 2001 Rookie Draft

- 229 games
- 8 goals
- All-Australian (2005)
- AFC Emerging Talent winner (2004)
- Kicked a goal with each of his first three kicks and bagged a
goal with his last ever kick.

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Thanks to auniverseofbeauty  for tagging me to answer her questions, I’ve always loved her blog and she’s just lovely, so check it out! Secondly, if I have tagged you, please don’t feel bad if you don’t want to answer the questions, I know how it can be sometimes. I’ve chosen your blogs because I have enjoyed your blogs over time and find myself liking & reblogging your posts. Have a lovely day xx

1.Which movie are your favorite and why?

One of my favourite movies (particularly going back to childhood) is The Sound of Music. I just rewatched it the other day and still loved it- I think it has even more interest for me now seeing the themes as an adult, and also having visited Salzburg. Other movies that I enjoy watching over - Letters to Juliet (scenery is amazing!), Frozen and the whole Love Comes Softly series of movies.

2.What is your best childhood memory?

So hard to pick one! In general, just growing up on a property with 3 sisters, we were always up to something - going on picnics, being imaginary characters, making tea and perfumes with herbs, riding our bikes down our hill, playing dress ups, family game nights…all such good memories.

3. When was the last time you cried and why?

I can’t even remember, the last time I can specifically remember is when my Ommi passed away earlier this year, so in the whole process of that.

4. Which blog are your favourite?

Favourite blogs…really hard to pick just one or two. I like blogs that are similar to mine or that inspire me in some way - to be a better person or to try something new. I’ve always enjoyed all of the blogs that I’ve tagged for different reasons!! 

5. Which season is your favorite?

Spring! And it’s just about to begin tomorrow here in Australia. I love the warmer - but usually not too hot - weather, flowers flowering…definitely my favourite. 

6. Who do you look up to?

Big question, I’ll answer with people who I know personally. I look up to my parents for selflessly giving themselves to my sisters and I for the past 22 years. I look up to my best friend and her husband for their beautiful relationship and the way their lives are a partnership,  it has allowed me to see marriage in a whole new light.  

7.Which country have you always wanted to visit and why?

I always had a dream of visiting Europe - as we have beautiful bunch of family and friends in Germany that I really wanted to visit at the same time. So, many of my travel dreams related to Europe - where I have now been, although I haven’t even really scraped the surface! I still have many places in Europe that I haven’t seen that I want to see or have seen that I’d love to go back to. I’ve always thought that Canada would be a good place to visit and travel, so outside of Europe, that’s probably a country I’ve wanted to visit.  

8. Are you introverted or extroverted?

I think I’m a balance, although I definitely think I’m more stronger on the introvert side. The thing that always gets me is the social side of things - preferring to celebrate & spend time with a few close people rather than a group. 

9. Which class was your favourite in school?

I think Maths. It was the whole thing of being able to get the right answer, and knowing that once I had done that, the problem/work was completed. I also had a fantastic maths teacher who was passionate about teaching maths and who achieved very good results with his students.

10.What do you do when you have a bad day?

If I have a bad day, I put some of my favourite songs on, go out and get a coffee, catch up with a friend or talk to someone I love.

11.If you could get one wish granted what would it be?

I know that it’s such a generic answer…but, honestly, for the world to be at peace. All of this stuff that is happening around the world (particularly in Iran) is really really terrifying to me, and so sad. It’s something that I’m finding quite hard to understand ‘why’…we’re all humans, and no-one has the right to treat people that way, and no-one should be treated that way L Sorry to end on a sad note.

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What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?

What is your favourite sport to watch, and what is your favourite sport to play?

What was the best advice that you have been given?

Do you have a favourite TV series?

Is there a habit you would like to develop? What is it?

What are you most looking forward to in the next couple of months?

When has someone done something that has made your day?

What are you proudest of?

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Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living.
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It has been so fantastic to watch Laura Geitz captain our Australian Netball Team over the past few weeks. She is so classy, genuine and professional on and off the court. She is an inspiration, leading by example and taking fantastic taps and intercepts just when we need them most! So proud to have her as our captain & looking forward to watching her lead QLD in the ANZ championships, and then Australia in the Commonwealth Games! Bring it on!!

Even prouder today! She leads our team well :)